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Do not book your move with this moving "relocation" specialist which just brokers your move to unethical sub-contractors who really do not care.

Booking with CVL: Our first point of contact dramatically underestimated the weight on our stuff (all the while reassuring me that their system was so accurate, in his experience it was always over-estimated and we'd probably get money back) and miraculously managed to give us a quote that was just over our desired moving budget. This should have been a huge red flag. Unfortunately, I believed him. Paid the deposit in good faith.

Several days before our pickup window, we talked to another person at CVL and went over our inventory list again. Magically, even though we'd removed some furniture and heavier items, the addition of more boxes meant that our estimate had gone up and we owed them $417. Ok, fine, we had a lot of boxes so we paid it.

At this point, we were assigned a specialist who would be our new point of contact with the company. Carol was the ONLY good thing about dealing with Colonial Van Lines.

The Pick Up Window: The day before our confirmed pickup, Carol called and told me we would not be picked up as contracted. Colonial then booked us with another moving agent and pickup was rescheduled for the last day of our window on the 29th. On the 28th we were told that the new agent was actually coming on the 30th. Then on the 30th, they said that due to a problem, they were going to have to pick us up on the 1st. The day after our lease ended. That's 4 days after their first "confirmed" pickup.

Moving Day: The driver is 4 hours late. Once the truck was weighed, our bill went up by another $600 because of weight. We're over budget, badly. It just seems clear to me that they get you to sign the contract by lowballing the weight/cost estimate, which is a pretty terrible business practice. This company would build more goodwill if they would just give people an accurate idea of what they're actually financially looking at.

Cost to us for these late shenanigans: We were charged $70 in pro-rated rent by our landlord for the extra day. We missed our good weather window for travel and had to take the coast highway into Oregon as there was heavy snow on our original route. This added 8 hours to our drive time, considerable stress, and 300+ miles, which meant about another $100 in gas for 2 cars. Extra meals, coffee, and stops on the now longer route, probably another $100.

Insurance: The day before the new movers came, our moving insurance was abruptly canceled. Why? The new agent - booked BY CVL - wasn't covered by the insurance company CVL uses. Seems like a pretty big oversight. We were told we'd be offered insurance by the new agent on the day they came to pick up. We were. The new movers wanted $1700 with a $1000 deductible and it was all or nothing.

The Delivery Window: We were given a window from the 2nd to the 10th. The movers came to deliver on the 11th. That's 9 days, camping in an empty house with 3 cats.

There was a total breakdown of communication at crucial points in our move. Seems like fires only got lit under people's butts when I started using terms like "breach of contract."

Drop off Day: one day late/outside our drop off window. Pro: The two movers were pretty fast and polite, they behaved professionally and got the job done in fairly short order.

Con: the back of the truck was a hot mess of their personal belongings and nasty ripped moving pads that reeked of mildew and cigarette smoke. I had to wash every towel, sheet, slipcover, and blanket that was boxed on that truck, as well as all of our summer clothes that were boxed and shipped with the movers. It smelled so bad. So bad. I can't even tell you how bad it all smelled after being on that truck.

Their truck leaked and some of our wood furniture and boxes got wet. The movers didn't mention this, just left the wet stuff on our hardwood floors and let me find it and only 'fessed up when I asked about it. I'm still finding mildewy things.

There are some significant scratches and dings on our floors that weren't there before they delivered. Which means, when we move out, we'll have to pay to have the floors re-finished because our landlady had just had them done before we moved in. They did use pads to scoot the big stuff, but, not all of it and our floors still got scratched. My expensive wedding crystal was smashed - the movers had packed a shop compressor and some tools ON TOP of the boxes marked "fragile". I'm still unpacking so it'll be another few weeks before I know the extent of the damages. My Kitchenaid mixer is also destroyed and if you've ever bought a Kitchenaid, you know that's not inexpensive.

CVL will absolutely not get an amended five-star review from me after the fact because they do not do not deserve one. Do not recommend.

Editing to add: Upon unpacking, we discovered some possessions never made it off the moving truck. Disappointing.

Edit 2 - We were contacted by Donna from CVL who offered us $600 back from our move, which is frankly just insulting. We have not accepted their offer.

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